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    DIYAREX GOLD(Molecular Nanotechnology)
    DIYAREX -Banana
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Developmental stages of Black sigatoka on banana leaves
Unlike chemical fungicides, which can either prevent or inhibit Black sigatoka only at stages 1 and 2, Diyarex Gold controls Black sigatoka in stages 1, 2, 3, and 4. Treatments with Diyarex Gold demonstrated that lesions treated with Diyarex Gold at stages 2–4 became dark brown and had no further expansion even 55 days after application. Diyarex Gold penetrates the plant tissue through the waxy layers to the mesophyll of the banana leaves. This enables the prevention and/or cure of the Black sigatoka development through contact with fungi that may be developing within the leaf’s structure. The exceptional curative activity of Diyarex Gold makes it a unique fungicide and opens a new dimension in disease control that will enable growers to use it even when the disease is already visible on the banana leaves.