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    DIYAREX GOLD(Molecular Nanotechnology)
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  Trial 4
Control of Black Sigatoka by Diyarex Gold in Large Scale Commercial Observation Starting from week 25 of 2008 to week 8 of 2009, all together more than 200 days, 30 consecutive foliar sprays of Diyarex Gold were applied to a commercial area of 50 hectares. A control commercial treatment included protectant and systemic fungicides applied in parallel dates to the treatment with Diyarex Gold. Diyarex Gold treated areas demonstrated efficacy equivalent to the control commercial treatments, as indicated by analyzing the youngest leaf spotted.

Effects of Diyarex Gold on leaf production, yield, and growth enhancement of diyarex gold
Diyarex Gold treated 28consecutive times in a commercial area of 100 hectares in Belize, surpassed the commercial practice by one additional functional leaf at harvest