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Our Product
    DIYAREX GOLD(Molecular Nanotechnology)
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    DIYAREX- Vegi
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Diyarex Gold is a natural fungicide developed by R.V. Agri Corporation. The natural components contained in Diyarex Gold offer multiple modes of action on fungal and bacterial cells.

Diyarex Gold demonstrates comparable efficacy to that of first-line systemic fungicides and is certified for both conventional and organic crops. Diyarex Gold does not leave residues. It is an eco-friendly fungicide, harmless to beneficial insects and bees, that offers human and environment safety.

Proven effectiveness in a broad spectrum of fungi

The effectiveness of Diyarex Gold has been proven by numerous studies, as well as commercial use in banana, tomato, peppers, squash Italian, melon, watermelon, cucumber, mango, strawberry, raspberry, grape, peach and others, acting against a broad range of fungi Ascomycetes, Deuteromycetes and Oomycetes.

Resistance Management

Diyarex Gold is an excellent tool for resistance management. It can be applied year round without establishing resistance and is non-toxic to the crop, the end-user and the environment.

Mode of Action

Diyarex Gold offer multiple modes of action on fungal and bacterial cells, representing the unique fungal capabilities of Diyarex Gold, bringing with it a new concept and dimension for a highly effective and sustainable control of the fungal disease.

Workers’ safety is one of the main factors taken into consideration when developing Diyarex Gold

  Controlled Diseases

  Evaluated Crops

   * Black Sigatoka    * Pomegranate
   * Rhizoctomia    * Banana
   * Downy mildew    * Plantain
   * Powdery mildew    * Vegetables – cucurbits, tomato, pepper and more
   * Early blight    * Grapevines – table & wine grapes
   * Late blight    * Potatoes
   * Rust    * Herbs & spices
   * Botrytis    * Fruits and berries
   * Cercospora    * Strawberries
   * Becterial blight in pomegranate    * Carrots
   * Coffee
   * Roses
   * Rice