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    DIYAREX GOLD(Molecular Nanotechnology)
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   Diyarex Gold - Banana
Diyarex Gold is a non-residue eco-friendly natural Biofungicide, with significant added values to humans and the environment.

Diyarex Gold is the new generation of bio fungicides for the control of Black sigatoka. Diyarex Gold is a bio fungicide based on a plant extract Oil of Molecular Nanotechnology "MNT" developed by R.V. Agri Corporation. The natural components contained in Diyarex Gold offer multiple modes of action on fungal and bacterial cells, representing the unique fungicidal capabilities of Diyarex Gold, bringing with it a new concept and dimension for a highly effective and sustainable control of black Sigatoka in banana and plantain.

Diyarex Gold exhibits superb prophylactic and extremely strong curative efficacy against Black sigatoka, with exceptional performance in the most intense disease pressure conditions. Diyarex Gold addresses the banana growers’ requirements for efficacy, ease of use, and cost.

Diyarex Gold, non residual features reduces the conventional chemical load in banana plantations caused by the intensive use of synthetic fungicides.

Diyarex Gold, with its powerful disease control capabilities promises higher yield and growth enhancement. Diyarex Gold guarantees crop production quality, such as higher number of leaves produced, higher number of leaves at harvest and increased yield.

Diyarex Gold is an eco-friendly non-residual fungicide, harmless to beneficial insects and bees, that offers human and environment safety. Diyarex Gold provides the banana industry a unique opportunity of a safe, better and more efficient control of Black sigatoka.

Diyarex Gold is a leading product for effective Resistance Management and is widely adopted for large-scale use in the leading banana-growing countries using conventional and organic farming.

Diyarex Gold, developed by the R.V. Agri Corporation, exhibits the group’s 5 years of knowledge and experience in the crop protection industry by introducing the new generation of scientifically proven advanced products.

Diyarex Gold is a proprietary multi-component natural bio fungicide of the R.V. Agri Corporation.

Diyarex Gold Benifits as a fungicide
     Bio fungicide Strong Prophylastic and curative activity
    Diyarex gold Increases leaf production and yield parameters.
     diyarex gold An effective Resistance Management Tool
    Non-residual of diyarex Gold
     fungicide No re-entry limitations
    fungicide is a Harmless to beneficial insect and bees
    Environmentally safe ofthis product
    this product is Zero toxis load
    diyarex gold is a certifies for use in conventional and organic agriculture