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Our Product
    DIYAREX GOLD(Molecular Nanotechnology)
    DIYAREX -Banana
    DIYAREX- Vegi
    Fine Protein(GEN Activation Technology )
    Paclobutrazol(Plant Groth Regular)
    Quality Assurance
   Quality Assurance
The R.V. Agri Corporation is a global company focused on high quality crop protection products and innovative eco-friendly solutions to a diverse group of customers worldwide. R.V. Agri Corporationís comprehensive range of branded herbicide, fungicide and insecticide solutions are coupled with a superb service and support infrastructure that ensures exceptional product performance, reliability, safety and an unprecedented degree of customer satisfaction.

Our quality policy states that we shall continuously improve and fully comply with applicable health, safety, environmental and employment legislation. We will achieve our objectives through:

  The development and empowerment of our workforce.

  Innovatively designing solutions for our products and services whilst simultaneously reducing their environmental impact..

  Reducing our use of resources to create products and deliver services whilst reducing the pollution and waste we create.

  Maintenance of high standards of health and safety by minimizing risk.

  The integration and continual improvement of our quality, safety, health and environmental management systems.