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Seasoned Team
R.V. Agri Corporation understands that true professional service is all about people. Our global team includes leading agronomists, phytopathologists, entomologists, chemical engineers, registration experts, biologists, synthesis and formulation experts many of came to R.V. Agri Corporation after long and successful careers with leading multinational crop protection companies.

Global Presence
A truly global enterprise, The R.V. Agri Corporation Group is headquartered in Switzerland and maintains core offices in Israel, the United States, Argentina and Bulgaria. R.V. Agri Corporation is currently active in more than 30 countries worldwide, with a special focus on Latin America, Eastern Europe and the European Union.

As part of our ongoing expansion strategy, R.V. Agri Corporation continues to penetrate new markets - leveraging our global presence to enhance the company's knowledge base, migrating know-how from region to region, and helping to train the next generation of local experts.

Broad Product Range
One of the world's most versatile crop protection product suppliers, the R.V. Agri Corporation Group offers almost 100 different active ingredients in different formulations and packaging configurations. Depending on unique and evolving client needs, our herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides are available as finished, ready-to-go solutions, or as technical products.

Personal and Responsive Service
With a true customer-centric approach, R.V. Agri Corporation leverages our robust financial stature and global presence to provide agile, sensitive, and responsive service.

With the unique aim of maintaining a personal relationship with all our clients, R.V. Agri Corporation has created a visible and approachable service environment. We make the extra effort to hire and train the kind of people that strive to personally and professionally provide the best service possible - turning customer needs into practical solutions and products that meet and exceed expectations.