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Indian Instructions

1st Application

Foliar Spray

Growth Control 0.7% (7L/1000L)

  • Growth Control: For the control of vigorous growth, application is best done when in full flower.


2nd Application

Fruitdrop Control 0.5% (5L/1000L)

  • Fruit Drop Control: To assist fruit retention, application is best at fruit set.


International Instructions

1st Application

Please note: the recommended water per hectare to add to LuStar is 700 litres. Apply foliar spray through the orchard ensuring an even light spray through the trees.

This is applied at flowering (or at pea size) to enable vital nutrients to be pumped into the fruit set:

  • Rate of 0.8% at height of flowering ( i.e. 5.60 L / Ha ).

OR in some climates such as Israel and other similar countries:

  • 1st spray at a rate of 0.5% at height of flowering ( i.e. 3.5 L / Ha ) ;
  • 2nd spray at a rate of 0.3% at the end of flowering period ( i.e. 2.1 L / Ha ).

2nd Application

This is applied during summer months to control the canopy growth.

  • Rate between 0.70% and 1.05% during vegetative flush /growth.
    ( i.e. 0.70 L / Ha and 1.05 L / Ha ).

Please note: if the tree has vigorous growth then spray bi-monthly until under control.

3rd Application

In some locations farmers use LuStar for fruit shaping.

When the fruit is 3/4 size (or 4 to 6 weeks before pick) check the neck of the fruit to determine how much to spray for fruit shaping.

  • If the fruit has a long neck spray at 0.5% ( i.e. 3.5 L/ Ha );
  • If the fruit has a full shoulder spray at 0.25% ( i.e. 1.75 L/ Ha );